Visit Nepal 2020. "Naturally Nepal Once is not enough"

Message from Director


Namaste and Warm greetings from Moonline Tours Pvt Ltd,

Firstly Moonline tours would like to welcome you, our dedicated team will be more than glad to provide you with our services for you to experience this magical and mystical wonderland Nepal. I have always been fascinated by the beauty of Nepal, it’s awesome geographical structure, cultural richness, nature and the people. The warm hospitality and sense of belongingness is one of the main reasons I love to travel in various regions of Nepal. My love and zeal for nature has been an inspiration for me to be working in the tourism industry and also maintain consistency in this field for past two decades.

With a very humble background of starting my career in Tourism as a porter,which exposed me to the world of Himalayas and nature. Although the road was tough in beginning my love for nature led me to maintain persistence  in this field. With gradual improvement in my skills, I was upgraded to trekking guide and tour guide and later in another company as a tour operator; I finally summed up my courage to start my own travel agency. With all the experience I had, I knew the pain and struggle of each stake holder who is responsible to create a successful trip, I have always had a humble side for guides, and porters expecially. I also knew the value of time and right logistics for maintaining the quality of the trip, and the value of experience of the trip, we as a team have never compromised in the qualitative service. As with a humble beginning, I have not only tried to create a livelihood for myself but for those who are keen about nature and also prioritize  on giving oppurtunities to locals.

Moonline was a concept and now a reality, for providing an opportunity for travelers around the world to experience nature, culture and the people. So let us make your dream holiday come true with our dedicated team, world class travel and tour services to enjoy the once in a lifetime experience here in Nepal.

Best Regards

Gokul Sapkota

Moonline Tours Pvt Ltd.