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Mustang Region


An ancient forbidden kingdom, bordered by Tibetian plateau and sheltered by some of the World’s Highest Mountains such as Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, Mustang region is one of the best-known trekking destinations of Nepal along with the holy place- Muktinath and the George of Kali Gandaki River. Mustang region was not opened for foreigners until 1992. Still, for trekking in Mustang region, you need to acquire permission as strict rules have been implemented in order to maintain their Tibetian culture and traditions. Trekking in the Mustang region gives you a lifetime experience of landscape, the traditions of native people, King of Mustang’s palace, monasteries, etc. Trekking in Mustang includes Nepal’s most popular Annapurna trekking trail. The heart of the Mustang region is Lo-Manthan where the king of Mustang used to live. Mustang region lies in the rain shadow of the Himalayas hence, this region receives less rain and most parts of this region are drier as a mystical desert.  The lifestyle and traditions of people living in the Mustang region are very unique. Mustang is a hidden paradise of natural beauty and ancient history.

Mustang region had been divided as Upper Mustang and Lower Mustang. The landscape of Lower mustang is fully deserted but the beautiful scenery of Mountain ranges can be observed whereas Upper Mustang belongs to Tibetian's culture and traditions. Famous trekking trails in the Mustang region are Mustang Circuit Trek, Horse riding Upper Mustang trek, Upper Mustang trekking, Lo-man thang trekking, etc.

Pakages in Mustang Region