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Equipment Checklist

Equipment checklist for Trekking in Nepal

As much as you are excited about trekking in the Himalayas ,your first priority should be to be well prepared, both with knowledge and essential tools and stuffs. If you have booked a trip with moonline Tours, then we would be providing a porter for 2 persons who will carry upto 25 kgs, so do prepare  yourself by carrying necessary equipments for making your trip bit easy and comfortable. We have prepared a general checklist for you, which may be helpful for your trekking journey up in the Himalayas.

General Checklist




Medical Items

If you are traveling with a guide, the guide won’t be able to provide you with any kind of medicine as he/she is not authorized to do so,which is why you need to be prepared regarding the medical items. Some of the items we can advise you to bring includes;

Personal Equipment