Visit Nepal 2020. "Naturally Nepal Once is not enough"



Moonline Tours is an ecological trekking organization which is designed to protect,preserve and improve the environment. We are proud members of KEEP ( Kathmandu Environmental Educational Programe). YES(Youth Effort for society), Junkiri Nepal. These are environmental organizations promote responsible tourism in Nepal.

We are aware about our Corporate social responsibility and have regulated it in our business model. We conduct our CSR policy functions as a self regulating mechanism and make sure that all our business practices adherence to law, ethical standards, international norms and sustainability of local environment. We believe in embracing responsibility for making an positive impact in  the environment, consumers, employees, communities, and all other members of public circle. We direct our activities honoring the environment, the culture, and the community.

Moonline in co-operation with above mentioned organizations and individually are involved in different social activites creating an positive impact in the society:

Social Cultural impact

We  believe in conducting our operational activity in the eco-tourism sector of the industry,balanced with natural and cultural heritage of an area in a sustainable manner.

Economic Impact

We believe in empowering and developing the lifestyle of local people by making an extensive use of local products and enhancing maximum benefits to the local communities. We support rural development projects by contributing 10% of our profit generated each trading year.

Innovative Practices

We are continuously striving to help develop remote areas of Nepal; we are making continuous effort in discovering interesting and new destinations within the country where there are vast amount of tourism potentiality so that we can help the local people improve their lifestyle. We also have emphasized on cleaning campaigns in nearby villages that involves local participation with an aim to raise awareness among local people.