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The Best Way To Train For Trekking In Nepal



The trekking season is here, which means the forest are alive than ever with blossoming flowers, weather is sunny, and most the beautiful thing is the mountains would be shining along with clear blue skies. And lastly the people are waiting for guest to arrive and show their warm hospitality. Travelers are all excited for trekking in some of the world famous trekking routes here in Nepal, but you also should train the right way in order to be fit to walk up those off the beaten trails and enjoy experiencing every moment.

So this is how you can train yourself for trekking in Nepal

Frequent hike in some of the near Hills

Regular morning walks and hike up in nearest hills is one of the best ways to prepare your-self for the trek. This exercise routine will help you climb up the trails in much easier manner, so that you can enjoy the beautiful surrounding landscapes without getting exhausted.


Carry a backpack

To  be used to carrying a backpack with some extra added weights is good to strengthen your upper body. Being used to this method is often overlooked but it can help you a lot for the trip. Build up your fitness by increasing your distance and weight gradually.


Maintaining regular exercise routine

Maintain a routine and indulge yourself in any kind of exercise, but we would recommend you to try more of cardio exercises as running, hiking, and more, to increase your stamina and endurance. You can always do frequent hikes in nearby areas before the trek. As your fitness improves you can advance to harder hikes, jogging, and stair-climbing.

For beginners, people can start with non-weight bearing exercise like you may be comfortable beginning with riding bikes, swimming, water aerobics or others. We recommend you to continue something you enjoy and stick with it.

If you are short of time and not being able to manage the time for hiking, you can also hit the gym to get that fit body.


Getting used to your boots

For a first time trekker, it would be pretty much exciting to walk up the Himalayas with their brand new shoes, but keep in mind brand new shoes may cause you pain during the trek. It would be a huge mistake to start your trek with new shoes, so it would be better if you break in your trekking boots wearing wherever you go.


Staying positive and keeping track of your small successes

Some people might feel early results after beginning their fitness program but many don’t so people give up in early phase. You should always keep in mind that good things take time and you should always have faith that you are doing something positive for yor body, even if the changes aren’t seen yet.

Also do remember to take enough care of your body when training as you may also face and also get plenty of rest. Do have fun during your exercise and as the trekking season begins you can look up to these options for your trek here in Nepal: Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Mustang, Manaslu, off the beaten path, and more.